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Are you retired or semi-retired and want to make new friends, participate in fun activities and better enjoy your leisure time?


SIR Membership is open to men regardless of age, race, national origin or religion. Begun in 1958, SIR has thousands of members and branches in most areas of Central and Northern California. Surely there is a Branch near you. See the "Branch Locations" button on the left for specific localities.

We create activities that our members enjoy.

We have monthly luncheons with interesting speakers and good fellowship. Additionally, our members have lots of fun doing a variety of other activities such as golf, fishing, bowling, card games and computers. Many activities like travel, dining, picnics, and holiday parties include our ladies and guests. To get more information on our activities Click on the Icons to the right.

But there are some things that we don't do!

We don't raise money. We don't have a political agenda. We don't have a religious orientation. We don't sell light bulbs or anything else. We don't have a problem with organizations that do these things, its just that we don't. You've paid your dues to the working world - it's time to enjoy life.

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Popular Activities

Golf Bocce Fishing
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Cards Travel Dining
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Computers Bowling Walking
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Investing RV'ing Ham Radio
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Tennis PartiesSports Events
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