The SIR Database Introduction


The SIR database programs are protected by a different password than the one used for the State Roster,.  The SIR Database is highly technical so the password is only available on a need to know basis.  The SIR Database password is available from the SIR Database Manager whose address can be found in the current State Roster. 





The SIR Database
Password needed


Documents about the SIR database are available without password.  These are shown below along with a brief explanation.


“The SIR Database Primer” is a one page explanation of the Database’s elements

SIR Database Primer



“The SIR Database Overview”  is a 5 page document (Chapter 1

of the “Database Manual”) with a history and a more detailed

explanation than the Primer.

SIR Database Overview



“Getting Started” is a 6 page document (Chapter 2

of the “Database Manual”) with  a detailed set of instructions

about downloading and launching the SIR Database.

Getting Started