SIR offers logo golf caps, bucket hats, and other image items on Form 21 along with Rooster Pins and Bolo Ties.

However, SIR cannot stock all sizes and colors of apparel.
One source, Embroidery and Moore in Livermore, offers a wide choice of quality apparel using the approved SIR logo. They are able to deliver one or more of any item.

You can download the catalog and you can place web orders directly with Embroidery and Moore.
Click this Embroidery and Moore for SIR item catalog pages from Embroidery and Moore.

You may have another source that you prefer. If so, let us know who they are by contacting or call 1-877-747-9066 as we would like to offer more than one source for Apparel.

Suggestions for additional SIR promotional items can be sent to or call 1-877-747-9066.