How to download and install Adobe Reader 4

Get Adobe Reader

How to print one page at a time


Welcome to the SIR Library of current forms.  For those of you with Internet access, this should simplify and expedite the process.

"All forms are approved by the SIR State Executive Committee.  They are distributed both here and by the Chairman of Supplies and Printed forms through his Assistant Managers.  Questions and suggestions on the forms themselves should be sent to the SIR State Secretary. 

Printing Forms

You can print as many copies of each form as you desire.  You can also fill in the form on screen and print it.  

Blank and Editable forms

Some forms are available in two versions. One form is blank and can be filled out in the usual manner or on screen.   The other version has a 'T' in the filename and shows 0.00 in the “total” spaces.  As you enter data these spaces are automatically “totaled.”   These forms have “w/totals” as part of their description.

Saving Data

Remember – You can call up the form of your choice, fill it out and print copies BUT you cannot save the completed form, nor can you send it as an attachment to an email.  If you try a “copy and paste”,  the format of the form is lost. Only those with the complete Adobe Acrobat program are able to save completed forms..  (Acrobat Reader is limited to reading only and not the complete program.  It can not be used to edit data or text.)

You will need Acrobat Adobe Reader.

Special note.
You will need Adobe Reader Version 3.0 or higher to read these forms.  If
the  forms do not work with your present Adobe Reader you must un-install
your older version. (If you have one installed now.)

Be sure you remove your old version of Adobe Reader before installing the new version. 

To do this,  go to Control Panel,  Add/Remove Programs ..... remove Acrobat reader.

         Double click on "Add/Remove Programs".
         Remove all old Adobe Reader programs before installing the newer one.
         With older copies of Adobe Reader remaining on your computer it will
         default to the older one and ignore the newer installation.

Click on this to get Acrobat Reader the latest  >>>>>
GetAcrobatReader.gif (712 bytes)

                (This newest version has a lot of new tools.)

                    -Download it to a folder or your desk top and come back here-

When you install the adobe reader.

A window will pop up that looks like this.

Save the file in a "Folder" where you will remember where to find it.

Install new version and you are on your way........

Click "OK."


Or, click on the radio button marked "Run this program from its current location"
Click "OK".  It will install automatically.
(It is best to close all other programs you may have running except your web browser. It will work with them running but it makes for a flaw free installation.)



If you think the form or document you are viewing is not up to date try "Refreshing" or "Reloading".  You may be reading an old file from your hard drive.

If you are using MS-Browser.

If you are using Netscape browser.