SIR Branch Bank Accounts




1.      The Group Exemption Number assigned to Sons In Retirement, Incorporated (SIRinc), for the State Organization and its Branches by the Federal Department of the Treasurer, Internal Revenue Service is: 4173.  This number is provided to SIRinc. and its Branches to show that the IRS classifies us as a non-profit, 501-(c)-(4) corporation.

2.      Your Branch’s Federal Identification Numbers, also known as the Employer Identification Number (EIN), is normally required by banks in order to open Branch bank accounts.  The EIN number is  assigned by the IRS and may be found on your Branch Data Sheet via the link below.

Branch Data Sheets

3.      When a Branch opens an account, it is to be in the name of the Branch, such as:  SIR Reynolds Branch 1, or SIR Reynolds Branch 1 Golf Committee Account, and  a copy of your Branch Articles of Incorporation and your Federal Identification Number (EIN) must be used for the bank account.  The use of Branch Federal Identification Numbers and the establishment of Branch Bank Accounts can only be authorized by the Branch Big Sir or the Branch Treasurer.  This should also be approved by the Branch Executive Committee and recorded in the minutes, which needs to be kept on file with the Branch Secretary and Treasurer as long as the bank account is active.

4.      Use of the SIRinc Federal Identification Number and the establishment of Bank Accounts for SIRinc., or State Committees can only be obtained from and authorized for use by the State President or State Treasurer of SIRinc.  For additional information regarding the accounts for State Committees, refer to Standing Rule 37.

Tom Ross-7/8/07
updated -10/9/2011