Windows XP File Handling
A/V Tutorials

1) Recommend you print the for future reference and note taking.
2) Turn on your speakers to listen as you watch the Tutorials
3) Expand the Tutorial window to full screen(small rectangle in the top right corner)
4) Select the Tutorial links (e.g. WFH-1) below - EITHER AVI or YouTube Version
   patient AVI may take a few moments to download..... YouTube is quick
5) Use Windows Media Player controls to PAUSE, REWIND, etc. to manage playback if you wish


WFH-Outline  Document


AVI Version

WFH-1   Windows File Structure
WFH-2   Windows Open/Execute
WFH-3   Windows Copy and Move
WFH-4   Windows Rename, Print and Delete

YouTube Version

WFH-1 (YouTube)
WFH-2 (YouTube)
WFH-3 (YouTube)
WFH-4 (YouTube)