Instructions for Form 60, 2 fold flier. June 6, 2005


D. B. Sale

You will need Microsoft Word to utilize this form. The form consists of two Word documents titled TwoFldRcrtngFlrFrnt-date.wpd and TwoFldRcrtngFlrBack-date.wpd. These instructions will help you download, print and fold this flier.

First, download the form by clicking Download below.



You will get  menus that looks like this

Click on “Run”                                  then                       Click on “Run”

Click on Browse and select your "Desk Top" or choose a folder where you want the documents to be located then click Unzip. Magic will occur and the two Word files will be on your desk top or in the folder you chose.

Launch Word and open TwoFldRcrtngFlrFrnt-date.wpd and print it on your ink jet printer. Open TwoFldRcrtngFlrBack-date.wpd and using the same sheet, print the back. Fold the sheet down the middle of the 11 side with the roster in the front. If the pages don’t follow in order then you didn’t orient the sheet properly for the second side printing. You will figure this out yourself as there are too many printers to give explicit instructions. 24 pound paper is recommended so that you don’t see ghosting form the images on the reverse side of the paper.

You can modify these to suit your own Branch. Be careful to maintain the formatting or the flier wont fold with the text centered..

Have fun.